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BluePay, an award-winning payment processor specializing in serving financial institutions and their customers, is pleased to announce The American Bankers Association (ABA) – through its subsidiary the Corporation for American Banking – has endorsed its merchant processing solution.

The announcement comes the first full day of the ABA Annual Convention, October 16-18th, in Nashville, TN. BluePay is a first-time exhibitor in the Endorsed Solution Providers area, booth #617.

Prior to awarding the endorsement, ABA conducted an extensive due diligence process – which included an in-depth, independent evaluation from First Annapolis Consulting – to thoroughly investigate BluePay’s ability to help financial institutions provide their business customers with a competitive payment card acceptance solution. A panel of industry experts and field-tested bankers evaluated BluePay on its customer service and support, information security and reliability, and payment technology, amongst many other identified criteria.

“We want our bank members to understand that merchant services is more than just a third-party vendor,” said Bryan Luke, chairman of ABA’s Endorsed Solutions Banker Advisory Council. “After close evaluation of all the participants, we selected BluePay as our merchant services solution provider based on their company culture of establishing partner relationships dedicated to providing the utmost level of support and attention to our bank members and their business customers.” Luke is also president and COO of Hawaii National Bank in Honolulu.

“Understanding payment acceptance can be quite complicated, our bank fully appreciates BluePay’s expertise helping us navigate the complexities of electronic payments,” said Jim Cornelsen, president and CEO of Old Line Bank in Bowie, MD. “Ultimately, having a payments partner like BluePay has helped our bank grow our portfolios, increase revenue, and improve client retention.”

Kim Molinaro, vice president, Financial Institutions for BluePay, said, “We are extremely honored to be endorsed by ABA for our merchant services program. The BluePay financial institution partnership program is designed to provide ABA member banks with state-of-the-art, omni-channel payment processing solutions accompanied by the same exceptional award-winning service banks – and their customers – require.”

“With BluePay, banks and their customers will benefit from several key product differentiators including one account for all card types and integrations with all terminal types and POS systems,” said Molinaro.

With over 42,000 merchants and more than 320 integrations, BluePay is a well-respected technology company in the payment processing industry, and is highly regarded in the marketplace for its agility, customization, high-level of support, security focus and cutting-edge technology. As one of the pioneers of tokenization, BluePay provides its own payment gateway in addition to direct connections to the card brands. Technology is 100 percent developed in-house, never outsourced, by an award-winning team of more than 50 developers, allowing for fluidity and agility, giving them the edge over competition who may not be able to add new technology as quickly.

For more information on the features and benefits of BluePay’s endorsed merchant processing solution, click here.

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