A virtual terminal is just that, virtual.  Easy and efficient, it doesn't require any software or patches to download, and no capital to get it started.

At Payment Pros, we offer the BluePay Virtual Terminal, Customer Choice Winner for two years in a row, 2016 and 2017. With its omnichannel capabilities, advanced security methods and fraud management tools, our Gateway has emerged as a top choice for our clients throughout the U.S. 


Regardless of whether you own a small business, work from home or in the field, or accept payments mainly from mail order and/or telephone order sales, BluePay’s virtual terminal helps streamline your payments for quick, efficient and secure service. Our virtual payment processing terminals do not require additional hardware, dedicated phone lines or costly maintenance, thus permitting easy start-up and reduced costs.


BluePay makes security a top priority for every client. PCI compliance is a requirement for any business that accepts credit card payments. All of our payment processing solutions are backed by PCI compliant security features designed to protect you and your patients.


We have practices all over the country using the BluePay virtual terminal.  Here are the best ways that it has proven to help:

  • The virtual terminal provides you the ability to set up and manage Payment Plans.

  • By using USB Card Readers at your check-in/out stations, employees don't have to "share" a physical credit card machine.  Everyone has access to run a payment from his or her own workstation.

  • The billing staff no longer has to interrupt the front desk to run a payment they took over the phone.  They can now log in and process the payment in real time and let the patient know that the payment processed successfully. 

  • Receipts can be emailed at the time of the transaction to cut down on paper.

  • The virtual terminal is used to power the Hosted Payment Forms.

  • It provides for organizational hierarchy to allow multi-location viewing from the parent account.

  • It eliminates the need to search the old receipt drawers for missing payments.  Instead, you can just run a quick search by any number of search criteria.

  • The virtual terminal offers the ability to securely save your patients' credit card data for future use.  You can also use the Account Updater to eliminate the hassle of dealing with expired or cancelled cards later on.

  • Because of the Payment Pros relationship, Fraud Filters are automatically included at no additional cost.

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