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James' healthcare experience began in the summer of 2007 with retention at a leading medical malpractice insurance company and Sarah's began in 2010 with office management of a successful chiropractic practice.  Little did we know then that we’d own a business a few short years later doing what we both love to do--helping people and solving problems.


In February of 2013, James was released from a Release of Information company and had few attractive prospects of where or what to do next.  To compound the uncertainty, Sarah had just quit work a few months earlier to stay at home with our first child.  Fortunately in April, James attended a local MGMA event and ended up meeting his mentor Bob.  Bob had been in merchant services for 20+ years and said James would do great due to the relationships he’d built in healthcare and his personable nature.

Bob arranged a meeting with the owners of

Wholesale Merchant Group, and we began our

merchant services journey that July.  It took two

months to get the first residual check and we

almost died at what we had made over the

last 60 days.  A whole $82.32.  Yikes.  Well, that was

just the beginning, and we're definitely glad we're

not starting over again.  To say we had to manage

our finances creatively is putting it mildly.


Over the first year, we really learned to live lean

as we studied merchant services rates and how to fully service a merchant services account, including technology and workflows among other nuances.  After being mentored by the successful leaders at WMG, we decided to create a merchant services agency of our own that specifically caters to the healthcare sector.  Thus, Payment Pros officially came into existence in the Fall of 2014.


What happened next really surprised us.  Practices and leaders in the healthcare industry began talking about our fledgling company introducing us to wonderful people across the nation.  We were doing our best to live up to our promises and business philosophy, and they were spreading the word about the lower costs and unmatched customer service experience we were providing.


We pride ourselves on our client retention rate of 89%. (If it weren't for hospitals purchasing private practices and retirements, that rate would be higher.)  This number demonstrates that we not only know what we’re doing, but that we excel at it too.


We are excited about the future of Payment Pros and would love to have every practice in the nation using our networks.  While some naturally are hesitant about merchant services companies (as they should be), we recommend inquiring about who we are and why you should choose us over another processor or bank.

Thank you for visiting our website, and we look forward to hearing from you soon.  



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